Wulai Waterfall – Day trip from Taipei

Yesterday we experienced yet another beautiful scenic trip in Taiwan – one that makes you pause and mentally pinch yourself to take in the beauty of the world. With so much negativity happening across world-wide society its important to remind yourself that the world is not a bad place.

Taiwan is great because of how accessible amazing places are. Wulai is just a 40 minute bus ride from Taipei, Xindian Station. Take bus 849, it cost 15NT$. The journey took us through the countryside and straight to the town that is well-known for its aboriginal Atayal tribe history.

A short walk through the town follows along the milky-turquoise river, many people were cooling off in little pools. There are many signs that direct you to the waterfall. There are also gondola carts that take you above the fall but we didn’t feel the need to investigate any further. We went at the end of May and it wasn’t very busy, as usual scenic places are in Taiwan, the town felt very peaceful. There were many view points where we could see the whole of the waterfall in all its glory.

After we sat for a short while and watched the fall we walked back through the town and wanted to get closer to the water. We found some steps that descended down towards the rocky river side, crossed through the shallow river and went further up-stream to find a flat area where the current didn’t seem so fast. The water was about waist-high in the middle and while the flowing current was too strong to swim against it didn’t push you over so wasn’t dangerous, but I’m sure during rainy season the river is probably too powerful to swim in. It felt really good to cool off in the fresh water. There were literally hundreds of butterflies circling around which was really cool too.

After a dip in the water we dried off and walked back up to the town to get some food. There’s a lovely street market that sells traditional Taiwanese gifts and snacks. A speciality to Wulai is sticky rice cooked inside bamboo, they crack it open for you to enjoy still warm and its really tasty. After that we caught the bus straight back to Taipei, the whole day-out costing about 100NT$ (£2.60). An easy adventure, and one we recommend if you’re in Taipei and have a spare day.

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