10 Perks of Travelling as a Couple

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1. You’ve always got someone to lean on – Literally. When you’re tired and want to rest your head on a bumpy bus/ train/plane or boat, you’ve always got your partner to rest your sleepy head upon. Falling asleep on a random stranger just isn’t as relaxing let’s be honest.

2. You’ve always got someone to apply your sun cream – Patches of sun burn on your back from where you can’t reach isn’t great. It’s one of the top commitments as a girlfriend/boyfriend to rub the factor 30 (should be 50) into your back whenever you may need it. Also informing each other when you look a bit too red is helpful too, although more often than not this information is too late (better than never)!

3. You’ve always got a true source of honesty – If you smell like BO, bad breath, hairy pits, something in your teeth, tag out… you name it, they’ve got your back to tell you before anyone else notices (sorry not sorry).








4. You’ve got a personal photographer wherever you go – Instagram gets a serious upgrade when you’ve got a committed boyfriend or girlfriend to take all your candid selfies. “Take one when I’m not looking” and pretend you look that fleeky all the time. Return the favour and you’re “couple goals”. Boys are just as bad as girls on this subject from our experience.


5. You can basically have 2-4-1 meals everyday – Ordering something different and sharing meals is wonderful when you can’t decide what you want and want to try new things in new places, “I’ll try yours and you can try mine”. Sharing sides and desserts is good too.

6. Personal security guard – you’ve always got someone by your side to watch your back, bag and belongings. Four eyes are better than two. Especially for females, foreign wandering eyes don’t feel so threatening when you’ve got a masculine shadow.

7. Cheaper everything – splitting the price of everything from taxis, hotel rooms to refreshments makes a small but useful difference. You can upgrade your accommodation without paying the full price yourself.

8. Getting lost – We’ve done this too many times to tell. If on the unlucky chance you happen to get lost or end up in the wrong place, you’re not alone. Travelling can be quite daunting when you’re going to new places and aren’t sure if you’re even in the right place. But when you’ve got a travel partner at least you won’t end up lost by yourself with no one to help you work out where you are.







9. You’re never alone – While this might be testing for some couples who feel pressure being with someone 24/h a day, for us its comforting to know that wherever we go, we have each other. Especially when you go to a new place and you want to explore or do something but you don’t have the confidence to do it by yourself. Travelling as a couple means that you’re a team who support each other when other friends and family aren’t around.

10. Having a good time and sharing the memories – Last but not least, but probably the most important. Sharing your travel memoirs with someone you love and care about is the most rewarding feeling. Knowing you will cherish the lifelong memories with that person is very special and makes it even more enjoyable.


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