If you visit HK and love Disney movies, or you just want to have a fun day out, you can’t miss Disney Land. Its an escape for big kids like us to re-live childhood experiences and feel young again. The park is pretty small compared to others but that means that you can enjoy it all within a day and not have to walk around for miles.

We went on Christmas day so the park was decorated accordingly and felt really special. We bought the ‘Play and Shop 1-day ticket’ with the 3-in-1 meal voucher for 1150HK$ (£103).


Getting there

It is really accessible from the city by the metro. Take the Airport express or orange line to ‘Sunny Bay’ and change there for the Disney Land (pink) line. The train is really cute and has Mickey ear shaped windows and is decorated with Disney theme characters. Bear in mind this this is also the only train out of the park so there will be crowds and lines at the end of the day.


Main Street U.S.A

At Christmas there was a giant tree in the centre of the ’roundabout’ near the entrance and the lampposts were decorated with wreaths and baubles.  If you’ve been to Disney Land before you’ll see the same colourful wooden buildings and cute shops. You can get all your Disney merchandise in the gift shops and there was 10% off before 12pm. After the park opens Main Street is the only area open for the first hour, then they open Land by Land following. There’s a few restaurants, a bakery and a snack stand along the road, too. During the parade it gets really busy here, so find a space in advance and stand your ground.




Its no secret that Disney Land is expensive, so food isn’t cheap. We’re not sure what the policy on bringing your own food is, but then you’d have to carry it around all day. We bought the meal voucher in advance which gave us 1 lunch meal (and drink), dinner, 1 snack and buy two get one free popcorn. The popcorn is the best we’ve ever tasted! The meal pack was 225$ (£20) and definitely worth it. It saves you money overall as buying food and snacks individually adds up. Water isn’t included so was the only thing we had to buy all day. You can redeem the voucher at any restaurant. We just showed it to them on our phone.

We bought breakfast at the bakery in the morning. We had a croissant and coffee which was tasty but overpriced, so eat before you go. For lunch we ate at the food court in Fantasy Land. They had a good choice of international meals including Japanese, American and Chinese. For dinner we just ate at the fast food restaurant in Tomorrowland because everywhere was busy and we needed something quick before the night parade.


The Best Attractions

We didn’t have time to go on all of the rides. We’re not sure if it was extra busy because it was Christmas or if its always like that here. The first few hours were fine but after lunch there were queues for everything so we had to decide which ones looked worth the wait. There’s no high roller coasters but some cool concepts suited to the themes.

Space Mountain – definitely the best ride in Tomorrowland. Its dark, fast and thrilling. Very close to the main street we would definitely recommend riding this one first as there is always a large queue.

Iron Man Experience (Tomorrowland) – the graphics are definitely impressive on this 3D experience. You sit in Tony Stark’s newest invention and take on enemies while the aircraft shakes and moves along.


Tarzan’s Treehouse (Adventureland) – take a ‘raft’ ride around the jungle theme river, perfectly narrated by a tour guide. The queue’s are divided by language to suit English, Mandarin and Korean visitors. It takes you to an island where you can climb to Tarzan’s treehouse and see a good view of the park.

Grizzly Gulch Mine Cars (Adventureland) – a classic roller coaster with a twist, it stops and goes backwards when you least expect it! Large queues are to be expected here, but the wait is worth it!

Toy Soldier Parachutes (Toy Story Land) – sit under the parachutes as they drop down.

RC Racer (Toy Story Land) – The tallest ride in the park. It rolls back and forth up the piece of the racing track. We waited an hour and a half which wasn’t really worth it considering the ride only lasted 40 seconds.


Festival of the Lion King (Adventureland) – shows are at 12, 2, 4:30 and 6pm. Get here early for admittance. Its definitely worth it! Its a theatrical show telling a condensed version of the Lion King with the best songs. The props and costumes are incredible. It was the highlight of our day.


The Parade (Main Street – There’s a day-time and a night-time parade. The ‘Paint the Night’ parade is a light show and all of the costumes and floats are light up with UV lights. Its very impressive. Its at 8:15pm so its a good idea to stick around and hold a space to see the fireworks.


Sleeping Beauty Castle Fireworks – This too is a light show. Its shows a montage of Disney clips projected onto the castle along to music. Then the fireworks light up the sky.

This was the perfect ending to our Christmas day and even made Hollie rather emotional!


Take caution when leaving the park! It’s extremely busy. We left 5 minutes before the show finished to get to the train before the large crowds. We lost each other for a few minutes in panic and had to run to the train.

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