Quickly becoming one of Asia most popular city destinations and one of the best cities to live, Singapore integrates Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cultures all as one. Working towards a dream of a greener city, Singapore's concrete jungle is developing an inter city eco system and we couldn’t love it more!


It’s widely known that Singapore is an expensive city but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg! Food is the main thing you’ll have to spend on but if you avoid chain restaurants and stylish eateries you can get around it. Use the fantastic public transit system, don’t be scared to hop on a bus or ask a local for help!

Be mindful that this is a well kept city and there is no messing about with litter or antisocial behavior. You can’t even chew gum in public! Abide by the good citizen rules and you’ll surely feel great about yourself.


Cloud Forest and Flower Dome, Marina bay

Marina Bay Sands area is a brand, sparkling new place you cannot miss! The mall, casino and hotel is magnificent all by itself but the Gardens By The Bay are a spectacular highlight. We loved the naturalistic feeling of everything within the city. Buy a combo ticket for the Cloud Forest Conservatory and the Flower Dome. Head to the Cloud Forest early because it gets busy and explore the man-made jungle before you. It also has the biggest indoor waterfall in the world. You can also see an exhibition about the sustainability of the newly developed Singapore infrastructure.


The massive Flower Dome greenhouse is broken up into different ecosystems of plants and the most beautiful flowers from around the world. Be warned – you can look but you cannot touch!

Satay By The Bay

Step out for lunch at Satay By The Bay – a nearby outdoor food court serving many different dishes. We suggest trying the chicken satay.


Marina Bay Barrage

After that take a walk along the bay side or rent a bike. MoBike is free for 3 days and you can pick up a bike and drop it off anywhere using the app. Head to the Barrage and sit on top of the grass covered roof to enjoy a good view of the reservoir and bay.


China town

This is a cool place to wonder the streets and stalls. The highlight for us was the Buddah Tooth Relic Temple. It looks really beautiful during the day but even more so at night when it is lit up.

When you’re ready for dinner, head to the food street and pick from the array of dishes there. This is a tourist area so prices are higher than other hawkers stalls but it offers good atmosphere. Tiger beer is $9 per large bottle, much cheaper than any bar in the area!


Singapore Art Science Museum

This is a great attraction if you are looking for something interesting and stimulating to do, especially if you have kids. There are different exhibitions and themes centered around technology and science. Its a very forward-thinking approach to museums; in fitting with the whole city’s vibe. We wouldn't say its necessary to go here but if you've got the time and budget, and want to escape the heat, its good fun. It cost about 20SGD for one exhibition or 40 for all.


National Botanic gardens

Singapore’s Botanic gardens are something else! And they’re free! You can have the best time strolling around on your own time and taking in the surroundings. If you’re interested in plants I’m sure you’ll be in your element here. We thoroughly enjoyed looking for turtles and many Monitor lizards. Don’t be alarmed, they aren’t aggressive, you might hear a rustle and they will just pass you on their merry way.


Arab Street and Little India

These locations are a must see in the city. They’re a perfect example of how Singapore is accustomed to different cultures. They're not too far from one another, we cycled from one to another within 20 minutes. The Masjid Sultan mosque is absolutely stunning. especially if you're around during the prayer call. We ate lunch at a small Turkish restaurant which was delicious but you can choose from many places around here. In Little India you can walk around many street markets and admire the Sri Veeramakaliamman Hindu Temple.


Super Tree Grove

Later, head to the Gardens By The Bay for the Supertree Grove light show, it’s a must see. There are two showings each evening at 19:45 and 20:45. It’s incredible! Tip – the nearby bar has happy hour 241 beer and they will give you a plastic cup to take your beer outside while you enjoy the show.



Singapore Zoo

One of the best in the word! And its easy to see why. So you really can’t miss it. If you don’t like the concept of zoo’s and animals in captivity you might feel better that this zoo’s main principle to to conserve and protect animals in captivity and rescue endangered species. The enclosures are large and very well kept. The free-ranging orangutans can swing and climb all over the park grounds, except for pedestrianised paths. If they get too close to humans a truck will come and collect them and take them back to a secure area. We especially enjoyed seeing Inuka the polar bear being fed and diving into the water. He was born in captivity and probably would have starved to death if he was released into the wild. Throughout the day there are various feeding times for the animals and you can pay a few $ to feed them yourself. It’s a really great day out.


Sunset Send Off

For sunset, head over the The Pinnacle at Duxton near the CBD. It’s a fancy residential apartment building but you can get a ticket up to the rooftop terrace or meet a resident who is nice enough to take you. You can see the most amazing views of the city and skyline. This was the cherry on top of our trip so we definitely recommend including it in your trip.

We hope you enjoy your trip or get some inspiration to plan one!

If you found this useful or have any questions, comment and let us know!


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