The main attraction in Coron is of course diving and the island hopping tours. However, if you’re spending a couple of days here you will want to get out of the busy streets of Coron Town and explore some of the main island, Busuanga.
Simply rent a bike from one of the shops, you shouldn’t pay more than 500PHP for the day. We chose to get an automatic scooter because we don’t usually drive bikes. So chose whichever makes you feel safe.


The road rules require you to wear a helmet, so we did, for peace of our own minds (and our mother’s). Roads in Coron town are busy, there are bikes, tricycles and trucks everywhere so be weary of your surroundings but don’t be scared to push your way through. Some of the roads are split off onto a one-way system, especially near the market, so keep an eye out for signs. Once you’re out of the town traffic you don’t have to worry as much but you do need to be careful of pot holes, rocks and the uneven road surface.


From Coron town you can either go East or West.
East will take you past the ferry port and through some sketchy rocky roads leading to the Maquinit hot springs. A little further you will also find Bali beach and Cabo beach. We went here for the afternoon and found a very quiet beach. It’s 50PHP each for entry, paid to the local family who live there we think, they were very nice.
West will take you through Coron town and onto a coast and country highway (Coron-Busanga Road). This is what we recommend. The roads are much better quality out here but there are some sharp bends. It’s just you and the open road! We really enjoyed just riding along and taking in the views of the countryside, mountains, ocean and small Filipino farms and villages. The locals will be happy to see you and will wave and greet you as you go by.

Puerto Del Sol Resort & Abandoned Sea Plane

We drove about an hour to find this place. We’d heard about it from @ourtasteforlife and knew we had to see it for ourselves. From the road you can see the sea plane in the bay. Drive around the corner and you will find Purto Del Sol resort. Here you can rent their kayak for 200PHP per hour and row the the sea plane. It took us about 5-10 minutes to get there. We tied up our kayak to the open door and climbed in to explore and take some pictures. It’s a really awesome thing to see.

Conception Waterfall

About ten minutes down the road is the path to the waterfall. Be careful not to miss it, it’s just after the white bridge. A kid came to meet us as we were beginning the path and offered to be our tour guide and take us to the falls. His name was “Argave” and he was 9-years old. It’s a good job he guided us too because we probably would’ve got lost in the forest and taken double the time to find it. We gave him 40PHP of our change. There’s also a donation charge to pay for the waterfalls. There’s a bathroom, seating area and local man watching over visitors. The waterfall itself isn’t exactly a spectacle but it’s pretty. It was the perfect place to cool off in the shaded water.


At about 2:30 we were so hungry we almost turned back around. Until we found a little road-side restaurant. We had vegetable fried rice with egg, and rice with Chopsuey. It was quite delicious and only 150PHP. Their are plenty of “resto stops” on the road, but only a handful of restaurants. 

After lunch we headed back to Coron. The drive straight back took about an hour and a half. 

Want to explore more?

However, if you’re feeling more adventurous you can keep going to Old Busanga town where there are more places to eat, or further to find Rio Playa Beach. The lady from our scooter rental shop told us not to go further than New Busanga because there are no repair shops, and you wont want to be stranded out there. If you want to visit Calauite Safari and save money you can also travel there by scooter. Read this blog by The Lost Introvert to find out more information.

Enjoy the ride and drive safe!

If you found this useful or have any questions, comment and let us know!

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