How to Get There

From Lembongan we booked a private boat with our guesthouse (Nyoman Guesthouse). However, we didn’t know it was private until we arrived in Penida, we thought we were going to catch a ferry. We don’t think there’s an official public ferry from Lembongan to Penida so ask your hotel or homestay what they offer. It cost us 200,000 IDR return.
We left early in the morning to arrive by 8am. There are ferries that run from Bali to Penida, times and ticket prices can be found here.

When you disembark the boat or ferry to the beach there will be a number of local people offering transport or scooter rental. We paid 70,000IDR for the day, with a full tank of petrol.

The main roads in near the town are fine and appear to be newly tarmaced. However, when you venture out and up into the hills and near the cliffs, some roads are terrible and very difficult to drive on. There are a lot of potholes and uneven surfaces. We would not recommend trying to dive here unless you’ve driven a scooter before, unless you’ve got balls. You can also book a car tour which would probably be safer, but where’s the adventure in that?

Our Route 

1st Stop
We got breakfast at Penida Espresso, a cool and affordable cafe. The most important thing was that they served GOOD COFFEE.

2. Crystal Bay
A short 20 minute drive from the town. We previously went here on a boat trip but we wanted to return to check out the beach. It’s very pretty and a great place to snorkel. It started to rain when we arrived so we didn’t stick around at the beach for too long. But we did enjoy looking at some piglets.

3. Angel’s Billabong & Broken Beach
To get here you need to drive back up the hill, onto the main road and through some treacherous tracks. It takes about an hour. Be especially careful on the hill leading down to the parking area. Parking is 5,000IDR and there is also a toilet which costs 5,000. There you will find groups of tourists, but also some stunning ocean views, and best of all the beautiful billabong. It’s not recommended to swim in it, because the waves can come crashing in. But living by the rules is so boring! We went for a dip and it was wonderful!

A short walk along the cliff you will come to Broken Beach, you will see the bowl and arch shaped cliff. It’s very cool and makes for a nice walk. From the cliff we could even see some manta rays swimming nearby.

3. Kelingking Beach
This is a 30 minute drive inland and further down the coastline on much better road conditions. If you haven’t seen this place on Instagram, where have you been? It’s a stunning rock formation with a beautiful private beach below. The climb down is extremely steep, it’s a wonder how it’s so popular with tourists because it’s so unsafe. Just be careful and enjoy the view when you can! The trek to the beach is about 20-30 minutes, there are less people on the way the further you go down.
Back at the top there is also a toilet, and some snack shacks. We had some cheap 20,000 Mie Goreng for lunch here.

*Tip – When at the top of Kelinking Beach walk right, along the cliff towards some worn paths to discover a much less crowded viewpoint from a different perspective.

4a. Seganing Waterfall
This is only about a 30 minute drive away. We didn’t go here, but it is en route. We decided to skip it so we’d have plenty of time to get back. So you can chose between here or the next waterfall, or both if you have more time.

4b. Peguyangan Waterfall and Temple
About an hour away from Kelingking but a pretty sweet drive through some hills, rice fields and villages. It’s another 5k to park here + 10k to rent a sarong which is mandatory to go down to the temple. The hike is over 700 steps down a steep stairway. The stairs are painted bright blue and are a very pretty, yet quite a scary viewpoint over the ocean. The hike down takes 20 minutes.
*We didn’t go all the way down to the temple and waterfall because we didn’t have time.

The drive back to the beach where the jetty is took an hour, we refilled our petrol on the way back at a local village for 10,000. The route took us across the centre hills of the island where we took in some spectacular views.
We arrived back shortly after 4pm and went to grab a cold drink before meeting our boat driver back at the jetty at 5pm.

Timing is key 

We underestimated how big Nusa Penida is and how long it would take to visit each destination. To be honest, a private tour via car would be a much easier option, but if you are like us and want to save money, a DIY tour of the island is perfect. If you wish to climb to the bottom of Kelingking Beach (we wish we did), you will have to consider how much time this will add to your trip. Realistically it is impossible to explore everything on Nusa Penida in one day, but below we have listed some possible and alternative routes which are possible in 1 day. Plan your route before you go and be cautious of driving time.

  • Crystal Bay – Angel’s Billabong/Broken Beach – Kelingking Viewpoint – Peguyangan Waterfall and Temple (Our Route)
  • Crystal Bay – Angel’s Billabong/Broken Beach – Kelingking Beach (Enough time to relax on the beaches)
  • Angel’s Billabong/Broken Beach – Kelingking Viewpoint – Seganing Waterfall –  Peguyangan Waterfall and Temple
  • Atah Beach – Diamond Beach – Rumah Pohon “Tree House” – Kelingking Viewpoint – Broken Beach/ Angel’s Billabong (A lot of driving)

Calculating the Costs (Per person or bike)

• Boat from Lembongan – 200,000
• Scooter rental – 70-80,000
• Petrol – 10,000
• Parking fees – 5,000 x 3 = 15,000
• Lunch & drink – 20-40,000
• Miscellaneous (e.g. toilet/sarong) – 15,000

Total = 260,000IRD (£14/$19)

* Prices are based on what we paid

If you found this useful or have any questions, comment below or DM us on instagram @coupleofbrits and let us know!

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