When we planned our trip to Palawan we were originally only going to El Nido. We decided to venture to Coron after hearing great things. We’d suggest doing the same if you have time because you really don’t need that long to discover what it has to offer.


How to get there
From Palawan island the most popular way is by ferry or an island hopping boat excursion from El Nido. The public ferry takes 5-6 hours and costs 1,700PHP. The excursion takes 3 days (also 4 or 5 day trips available) and costs around 15,000PHP including food.
There is also an airport on the island, flights will cost more but will save you time.


What To Do


Island Hopping Tours
When arriving to Coron you will actually be on Busuanga Island. Coron island itself doesn’t home ‘civilisation’ but does have some resorts. It’s where the true beauty and best things to see are. There are many islands and locations nearby and different tours will offer a selection of places. Many tourist and dive shops offer tours, most cost around 1,600PHP.


The ‘Ultimate’ Tour
The most popular island tour will take a group of 6-15 tourists. The usual stops include;

  • Kayangan Lake
  • Twin Lagoons
  • Siete Pecados Marine Park
  • Beach 91 – Lunch
  • Skeleton Wreck
  • Malwawey Reef & Coral Garden
  • CYC Beach


These places include some of the most beautiful clear water, fascinating rock formations and tropical paradise vibes. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great when we went so we didn’t get many pictures.


You can also book a private boat and plan your own trip, beat the groups of tourists and decide when and where you want to go. To do this you can walk around the harbour behind the market and speak to the boat owners. Most will offer a private tour so bargain your price. Prices start at around 2,700 per boat, however you also need to pay additional entry fees for certain places (as seen below). Because the island isn’t owned by the government, the locals take a fee so they can benefit from tourism and keep the place manageable.

These are the optional destinations for the private tours and the entry fees for each place.

Bike Trip
There’s not that much to see or do in Coron Town so the best way to get out of town and explore the island is to rent a scooter. Prices start at around 300-500PHP per day.
-> Read our recommended road trip HERE.




Again, the best beaches (the ones from Google and Instagram) are on Coron island and require a tour to get to. However, there are a few beaches on Busuanga, but you will need to drive there or pay for a tricycle.
East from Coron Port will lead you to Bali Beach and a little further to Cabo Beach. They are both really nice and quiet locations. You need to pay 50PHP entry fee.


Hot Springs
About 20 minute drive from town are Maquinit hot springs. They are 200PHP entry to bathe in the 40degree pool. It’s quite big and is very popular on rainy days. There are two smaller pools and one large pool which doesn’t feel crowded, perfect for relaxing.




Mt. Tapyas



You might notice the mountain behind Coron Town; a 210 meter high hill. This is Mt. Tapyas where you can see the best sunset view. The climb is only 721 steps to the top. There are a few rest stops and a large viewing platform at the top. Be sure to walk behind the building and take a walk over the mountain, it’s very peaceful. After dark the ‘Coron’ sign lights up in front of a cross, adding a special touch to the view.




Eating and Drinking
-> Read our Coron food & Drink guide HERE.



If you found this useful or have any questions, comment and let us know!


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