Coron and Busanga Island, Palawan | Photo Collection

Coron, Palwan a picturesque paradise with crystal blue water, sensational sunsets and scenery suitable for a Jurassic Park movie.  Unlike the place we had seen a thousand photos of, our adventure to this bucket list destination was over shadowed by the relentless rain, storms and cloudy skies. Never the less, we stayed positive and made the best of a bad situation. Being stuck on an Island as small as this we were able to explore Busuanga Island in full, spend time with the locals and hung out with other backpackers. However, this said, the true beauty of Palawan is found on the water exploring by boat. It wasn’t the adventure we had hoped for, maybe next time. See you again in 2019.

-> To discover more about Coron click HERE


– ALL photos taken on Sony A6300 (Sigma 16mm 1.4) and edited in Lightrroom.

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