Mt. Batur is an active volcano on the island of Bali. Its 1,717 meters tall, and last erupted in 2000. It has become a popular spot to see spectacular views of Bali.


You can book a sunrise tour to climb the mountain with a group of people, or book a private tour guide to take you there.

We booked a group tour from Ubud which cost 250,000IDR (13.5GBP/17USD). You can also book tours from other parts of Bali.

Whats Included

The tour bus will pick you up at 2:15am (from Ubud) and drive to the foot of the mountain. Don’t worry, you can sleep on the way, its definitely worth the early start. You will have some coffee and a snack before meeting your tour guide and embarking on the hike in the middle of the night. They will provide you with torches and a breakfast box. You can stick with your tour group, or walk ahead.

What to Take

If you’re travelling and don’t have proper hiking wear, don’t worry, you can wear any trainers or comfortable shoes. You probably shouldn’t wear sandals because there are some large rocks that could fall on your wee toes.

Wear or take a jacket or layers, if you don’t have one you can rent one from a local for 50,000IDR. Don’t worry about looking stylish, we wore rash-guards under t-shirts, but we did get quite cold at the top. If you are going during wet season, you will want to take a waterproof jacket or poncho.

You will be given a bottle of water, but take your own if you want to drink more than 500ml.

What to Expect

The start is an easy walk along gravel, then you start to ascend up the mountain on some, at times, sketchy loose rocks. It gets colder the higher up you get, but hiking will keep you warm. The hike takes about 2 hours, leading you to arrive just before sunrise at about 5:30am. If you are a fit and healthy individual this hike will be easy for you, if not then it will be harder but definitely doable. There can be a lot of people that hike here so be prepared for other travelers, its not exactly a remote experience.

At the summit you will be able to take a rest and wait for the sun to rise above the clouds, and awarded with incredibly beautiful views that will make you appreciate the world we live in. You can see a lovely lake, and views of Mt. Agung.  It will be cold at the top, but you will warm up again on the way down.


You might expect the descent to be faster, however it still takes almost just as long because you have to take care on steep rocky paths. Also, everyone from the summit descends around the same time so you might have to wait for people in front of you. You can see some nice views, on a clear day, and even some monkeys.


So, is it worth it? 100%, if you have the time. You will be blown away by the stunning views that will make your Bali experience even more awesome.


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