Ubud is an incredible town in Bali that has become very popular with tourists, yogies and Instagrammers. If you visit Bali you're probably going to want to go here, and here are some must-do things in or near Ubud.

Visit the Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Located in the town you'll find the forest grounds surrounded by wild monkeys. Entry costs 50k, which goes towards the park maintenance and taking care of the monkeys. There are about 900 monkeys in the area who come and go as they please. Beware of the warning signs that advise you not to touch or feed them, they are wild animals and can get aggressive if provoked or if they feel threatened, especially the mammas. They will also try to take your possessions, so make sure your bag is well zipped. If they hear you reaching into your bag or pocket they will try to get in.

Apart from that, they are pretty cool to watch, they might jump or sit on you but most of the time they aren't aggressive. There are plenty of park wardens who keep the monkeys in check and threaten them with sling shots if they get too comfortable near you.


Stroll around the Rice Terraces 

The closest and most well-known are Tegallalang, about a 20 minute drive from town.

*We really recommend renting a scooter to get around this area as the best places are reached by driving. If you can afford it, you can also hire a driver for a reasonable price.

Get to the rice terraces early to avoid crowds. Entry is free but you are asked to give a donation to enter certain parts of the fields, because farmers are working here. It can get a little muddy, but its a lovely place to walk around and admire the craftsmanship. You can also find swings here.


Visit Stunning Waterfalls

There are a few waterfalls that can be reached from Ubud. These are the ones we had time to visit across two days.


An hour drive from Ubud, a hike down some steep steps and you'll find this powerful and refreshing wonder. The pool is shallow and the light shines from atop the fall. The water sprays off to refresh you.



Another hour drive up into the hills leads you to this spectacular waterfall, probably one of the best we've seen. There are multiple 'falls' of water that flows down the cliff creating a magical effect. The pool is quite large and not too deep but enough for a refreshing dip to cool off.


Visit the Traditional Market

If you're looking for some authentic, unique and cool souvenirs or gifts, Ubud is the place for shopping. Take a walk around the market where you can find handmade ornaments, clothing garments, bags and the usual souvenir items. Don't be nervous to bargain your price, you can probably get it for half the price they originally stated.

Eat and Drink the Time Away

Ubud us filled with cool cafes, restaurants and coffee shops. You can eat at a new place everyday and have a delicious meal.

We reccomend;

For breakfast – KAFE, Green Key

Lunch – Clear Cafe, Warung Falafal and Bali Buda.

Dinner – Yuga Organic Warung, White Orchid and Taco Casa

Coffee – Seniman Coffee Studio, Anomali Coffee

Take A Sunset Walk

As the sun is going down you can take a walk along Campuhan Ridge Walk; a stroll through the fields with views of rice paddies and countryside.

Hike Mt. Batur

Read about the Mt. Batur Tour HERE


If you found this useful or have any questions, comment below or DM us on instagram @coupleofbrits and let us know!

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