Japan: Osaka | Nara | Kyoto

There was something so unknown and unique about Japanese culture that we wanted to experience. Luckily we were able to travel to this bucket list destination in October. Across 4 days we visited Osaka, Nara and Kyoto and were not disappointed by Japan’s stunning architecture, World Heritage Sights and nature. We almost felt like we’d gone back in time to an ancient city of dreams.

JAP00026JAP00021JAP00045JAP00056JAP00111JAP09402JAP09404JAP09398JAP09413JAP09424JAP09415JAP09436JAP09441JAP09930JAP09466JAP09477 (1)JAP09453JAP09498JAP09514JAP09517JAP09532JAP09540JAP09689JAP09685JAP09932JAP09793JAP09861JAP09688JAP09694JAP09961JAP09718JAP09795JAP09905JAP09799JAP09828JAP09911JAP09839JAP09953JAP09978

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